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Language Fair


Saturday, 6th June 2015

One Voice for Languages are currently looking for volunteers / participants / presenters for a Language Fair which will take place here in Filmbase.
There will be two events running in parallel – a Languages Fair and a Continuous Professional Development on ‘The Language Experience Abroad”. There is plenty of opportunity to participate in both activities, so please do consider getting involved, no matter how small a role you think you may be able to offer, it all helps. Just contact the organisation if you are keen to:

a) Take a stall/stand to showcase your language project e.g. using a poster/pull-up banner/video clip
b) Display your example of Best Practice in language learning & teaching
c) Present a paper on your Language Experience Abroad project/research
d) Volunteer to assist the team organising the Languages Fair (contact
e) Volunteer to assist the team organising the ‘Language Experience Abroad’ CPD (contact

What is it?
The first of its kind in Ireland, this event will showcase language learning and teaching in Ireland. The event will raise awareness and profile the diversity and vibrancy of language learning at Primary, Secondary and Third Level as well as promoting Life-Long language learning. You will have access to many of our wide, diverse and lively languages in Ireland and appreciate what role languages play in the community.

Is this for me?
Are you a language practitioner, teacher, lecturer? Are you a prospective or current language learner? An international officer, cultural service or embassy staff member? A researcher, decision maker or someone who is simply interested in language learning? Come along and share your interest in languages. Discover, participate, communicate!

What will we see?
You will have the opportunity to browse a Languages Fair where practitioners exhibit their projects, present posters, describe examples of best-practice in language learning and teaching, and meet language textbook publishers.
At our parallel Continuous Professional Development event on the “Language Experience Abroad” you can learn about Study Abroad, Work Placement abroad, pre-departure preparation, on-going monitoring, use of social media and language resources, familiarise yourself with current research, attend talks and presentations and participate in workshops.


For more information visit