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Launch of


The Irish Entertainment Online One-stop-shop

A free website showcasing the best of Irish content in every form – from eBooks, audiobooks, film to TV and music – launches to a worldwide audience and the Irish diaspora this week.

Irish Digital Download is a one-stop shop for a growing global audience searching for top Irish entertainment and culture – whether it’s film, literature, sport or music.

It’s a unique venture says founder David Watson “There doesn’t seem to be any other websites that solely cater for the digital distribution of Irish content”

“Our Irish-only website allows customers around the world to download Irish content which can be viewed on any device with an internet connection”.

Irish Digital Download was set up in 2014 to provide Irish content owners with a digital distribution platform for the promotion and sale of Irish creative output.

“There’s a huge market for this type of website with the Irish diaspora worldwide estimated at around 80 million and with a growing interest around the world in Irish culture and our way of life”
And Irish Digital Download has an exciting business model for content providers in providing a unique opportunity to win new customers and sales internationally. All content is hosted for free – a fixed fee and PayPal charges only kicks in when a title is purchased and downloaded. The content owner then gets the remainder of the sales price (ex VAT) and is paid on a monthly basis.

The platform also allows for blocking by region – which means content already licensed for some regions can still be sold via Irish Digital Download elsewhere. The website can also manage the sale of physical products such as CDs, DVDs and books alongside that of digital sales.

Check out the website here.