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‘Let’s Talk About Rachel’ – New Play


Deadline: Passed

Modern Day Ireland in a Nursing home. Rachel is new to the nursing home and Jess has been there most of her working life. Jess is a nice character and is trying to help out Rachel. Jess is a bit simple minded.

Character List

Rachel is the main character in the play. She was fired from her last job in another nursing home and at the start of the play we see that Rachel is in her new job but once again is not coping well. She is, in her thirties.

Jess is Rachel’s best friend in the play. Jess is a bit simple minded and has been in the nursing home for most of her working life. She is an all-round nice character to both friends and patients alike. She is older than Rachel so 38+

Mrs.Lynch is one of the patients in the nursing home. People originally think she is mean and a bitter old lady but she really is a nice lady. While in the nursing home she tries to enjoy her days. She is one of the people in the nursing home who can see the nursing homes are for. For previously loved people who have become too old to mind. Around 80’s+.

Mrs.Ryan is Mrs.Lynch’s best friend. They have beds beside each other so they have no option but to be friends. Mrs.Ryan is less aware of the harsh realities of the nursing home but is also trying to cope in her dying days. Mrs.Ryan is another all-round nice person. In her 70’s+
Sister Brid:
In many aspects she is seen as the villain in the play. She is not a real villain although she has some characteristics of a villain. She is the main head and is addressed by everyone as Sister Brid. She does not like Rachel and Rachel doesn’t like her. Her actions would seem harsh by a lot of people. In her 50’s+.

Mrs.Lynch’s son. He plays a small role in the play. He is involved in an agruement with his mother. Played by a grown man.

Michael’s son and Mrs.Lynch’s grandson. Plays a very small role in the play.

Please note this is clearly a searching its not for definite for yet. The characters ages don’t have to be exact!

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