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Monthly Meeting for Irish VR Enthusiasts!


VR – The Empathy Making Machine?

Tuesday 3rd May will see the fourth gathering of VR Community Ireland – a group of actors, writers, directors, animators, technologists, psychologists, filmmakers, academics and VR enthusiasts who meet once a month at Filmbase to explore the new storytelling possibilities presented by Virtual Reality.

Their theme this month will be ‘VR- The Empathy Making machine?’. They will look at ground-breaking VR projects from around the world including Chris Milk’s ‘Clouds over Sidra’ which follows a Syrian refugee girl and NYT’s ‘Vigils in Paris’ where you watch the Paris vigils as if you were there. They will discuss as a group whether we feel it creates empathy or voyeurism.

Guest speakers Philip Penny and Rob Griffin from DLIADT, will be speaking about their Visual Impairment Simulator research project which looks at whether more empathy is created via the VR simulation than more traditional communication methods.  A demo of the simulator will be at the meetup for people to try and provide feedback.

As always, there will be plenty of VR headsets and demos for all!

For more information, contact Camille Donegan (