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New Irish Film ‘You’re Ugly To’ at Berlinale Festival

Youre Ugly Too 230x240-2

Great Reviews

The Hollywood Reporter praised the film as a “well observed debut for Mark Noonan” and described it as a “gentle reflection on the importance of trust and truth in relationships” The review noted that filmed in the midlands” where the writer-director grew up, infused with an evocative sense of place, the film showcases lovely, unforced performances from Aidan Gillen and Lauren Kinsella”. The Hollywood Reporter described Gillen’s performance as an “effectively drawn role that embraces the somber shades of rueful middle age as well as the laddish vestiges of youth.”

Cineuropa praised Noonan’s direction: “it feels like there is more happening in what they are not saying or doing than in what they do. Noonan approaches the whole film in this fashion – letting eyes and gestures speak on one hand, and on the other, combining the interpersonal relations with the beautiful landscapes littered with decrepit houses and ugly trailers, and with a rusty railway cutting through it.” The review singled out director of photography, Tom Comerford, for praise and noted that it is “the wildly talented Kinsella who steals the show.”

You’re Ugly Too premiered as part of the Generations category of the Berlinale festival and has been nominated for the Best First Feature Award at the festival.