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NEWS: Join the Creatives in Animation Network

Since early 2012, the Creatives in Animation Network, or CAN, have brought together writers and animators from around Ireland in a collaborative network. Founded by Lindsay J Sedgwick, a tutor here at Filmbase, the group meet regularly and are open to newcomers.


Founded by Lindsay J Sedgwick December 2011. Launched 31st January 2012 with the first Animation Networking Event. Formally named in April 2012.

I started this group to bring writers and animators together and see if we can collaborate creatively on various projects from shorts to features to series, games, even, books.


The Events

These are informal gatherings. We meet n greet n talk n mingle for two hours. It’s not about pitching or ‘speed-dating’ between writers n animators – though we will probably talk about something we are passionate about making; these evenings are about making contacts with a view to following up later if you meet someone with whom you feel you might like to work.

Venue: Details will be posted on the blog and CAN group sites (see below).


The Network

If you attend a meeting and have no objection, your name is added to the group email and you are welcome along to any further meeting. This means everyone who attends has an email address for people they have met and wish to contact.

There’s is also a LinkedIn Group and a group on Facebook, both called Creatives in Animation Network.
The idea of both groups and the group email is that members can contact each other to arrange to meet for coffee with other members and see if they might work together either on a specific project or create something new out of the ether. Alternatively, you can research members who were not at your event or that you hadn’t time to talk to and make contact independently. On any or all of these, members can post up information of jobs, invite members to look at a project idea and get in touch if it interests, post up interesting websites or tell us good news about projects that are happening. It’s up to you.

And the more we have in the group, the more interesting it gets. CAN has animation producers and directors, storyboard artists, animators working in 2D, 3D, 3.5D, games, cross-platform and traditional media, illustrators, established animation writers and creators of animation series, award winning playwrights and screenwriters in tv and film, writers of children’s books and graphic novels. All wanting to create and collaborate. Collaborations can and are happening at all levels and in a whole range of areas already.


Who Can Come

Everyone who genuinely wants to collaborate with others to get animated material made is welcome. Writers who have yet to write animation, novelists and playwrights as well as experienced animation writers; animators, animation directors, storyboard artists, illustrators and artists, comic book artists, model-makers; producers who want to make (some/more) animation or move into features… The list is endless…


The Criteria

Writers must have finished scripts, though not necessarily in animation; animators need to have made something or be working in animation. This means you know that everyone you network with through CAN is able to do the work.
For more information:

Visit the blog: – there’s a specific page for blogs and posts re CAN
Call: +353 86 1663363