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Older Male English Actor Wanted


Paid Position

Dead Medium Productions is seeking a starring actor for a one off radio drama on Newstalk. Auditions will be held over the next two weeks, production begins late November / early December.

This drama is primarily a two hander, with themes relating to Irelands relationship to the UK, mortality and the relationship between the stories people tell ourselves and the identities they form.

1 male actor – playing age early 70s (or older) – accent English RP. We are specifically looking for a genuine (or extremely convincing) British ‘brigadier’ type accent, not Irish theatrical RP. This actor, ideally native English, will have the ability to portray the same character in both rude health and fragility.

Description of the character:
Philips is a retired soldier. After fighting in the British airforce in several conflicts, he retired to Ireland to county Kerry to run a B&B with his wife. Now, reaching the end of his life, he’s confined to a hospital ward, but still (at the beginning of the play) a strong opinionated character and an able storyteller. Philips is a man who seems at first a humorous character, perhaps even a cliche, but who is revealed over the course of the play to have accrued real wisdom and humility.

Although this is a radio drama, this programme will be produced entirely on location (in Ireland), and actors will be required to go off book.

Description of drama:
“The Wedding Tree is an audacious new radio drama, set in the aftermath of an accident at an Irish nuclear power plant. In the wake of the disaster, fire officer Cian Mitchell is confined to hospital. Tormented by his injuries, Cian finds unlikely comfort in the company of Philips, an elderly English patient. Philips, a retired air force officer, delivers a series of interconnected tales drawing on everything from the golden age of Hollywood to Ireland’s shameful historic mistreatment of women. At the heart of The Wedding Tree lies the relationship between orality and literacy – between the spoken and the written word. The play explores mortality, storytelling, and the interconnectedness of all things. This is a tensely paced, meditative piece of radio theatre that plays with the medium, moving from drama to storytelling and back again.”

If contacted for an audition you’ll be asked to perform two pieces, one off book provided before the audition, and one presented in the audition. Both pieces will be taken from the drama – at different points in the emotional development of the characters.

This is a paid role, at a rate 150 euro per day (for two days work). A couple of days of unpaid rehearsals are also involved.

No experience on radio / voice over necessary. Stage and screen experience preferable. Please do not send head shots as they are not needed.

Contact: Gareth Stack
Dead Medium Productions –