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Outliving Dracula: Le Fanu’s Carmilla

RA 11

Irish writer J.S. Le Fanu’s creation, the female vampire Carmilla, has established a fascinating lineage through filmic adaptations, arguably inspiring a more radical and transgressive creative wellspring than her literary successor Dracula.

Fergus Daly’s and Katherine Waugh’s engrossing film explores the radical influence of Carmilla on generations of filmmakers – from Carl Dreyer’s extraordinary Vampyr to Roger Vadim’s Blood and Roses, from the Gothic kitsch of Hammer through to films produced within a visual art context.

Featuring interviews with leading film scholars and artists influenced by Le Fanu, this film seeks to redefine his critical importance as an Irish writer whose ghostly traces remain profound and enigmatic.

Gráinne Humphreys
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Director: Fergus Daly
Producer: Katherine Waugh