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Pier Printers – Unframed

October 12th – 14th

Pier Printers is a group of five artists living in Dún Laoghaire linked by their common practice of working through the medium of print. They bring together a variety of techniques, resources and knowledge, which brings a conversational quality to their collaboration.

As with many collectives, there is crossover with themes. Aoife Dwyer’s work takes found marks and re-contextualises them as landscape. In response to the process of multi-plate printing, the images evolve to suggest seascapes and horizons. Kate MacDonagh has been working in Mokuhanga (Japanese wood-block printing). Since studying this technique in Japan, it has become an integral part of her practice. A sensuous dialogue with materials is an essential element of the style.

Mary O’Connor’s screen prints are influenced by her surroundings, the vast landscapes encountered on her travels are conveyed through shapes, space and colours that emerge as non-representational abstract compositions. Linda Uhlemann draws on the imagery of rivers, mountains, rocks and shorelines. Her images are scored and marked like weathered and eroded scapes, then printed in colour layers, giving them a rich luminosity and strength. Ann Kavanagh brings together the aesthetic of structural man-made forms, resulting in a combination of etching and woodblock that carry a fragility and calmness.

Pier Printers will showcase a selection of their recent work at
Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

October 12th to 14th
Reception at 7pm on 12th October 2017