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‘Prime Time’ European TV Film Award


Deadline: 16 September 2015

The aim of the Prime Time project is to select and produce the best original television format about European culture and values, created to be broadcast at prime time and with the possibility of being distributed internationally.

This is a call open to all European production companies that, on their own or in co-production, should submit their proposal for an entertainment television model whether non-scripted (contests, reality shows, talk shows, talent shows…) or scripted (documentaries, fiction, series…) with the only condition being that they are about European culture and values.

Also, the submitted projects will have to take into account interactive multimedia treatment in line with television industry tendencies worldwide and also the possibility of being broadcast in different countries in the world.

International Jury

The call is open until 16 September 2015 and the projects will be evaluated and the winner chosen by an international jury formed by professionals from the audiovisual sector.

The winning format will receive €100,000 for the production of a pilot programme. The Award will be announced at the end of October 2015.

Objectives and values

The objective of Prime Time is to promote the development of an audiovisual product that focuses on some of the priority matters for San Sebastian 2016, such as the generation of cultural spaces, both for dissemination and entertainment; to favour multilingualism in audiovisual productions; to facilitate interactive models and processes that allow cross-channel dissemination of themes and matters linked to art and culture; and to create transmedia content with educational and playful aims.

Another objective is to promote collaboration and interchange between cultural agents and European / international artists with the aim of sharing knowledge.

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