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Pulp Fiction at Generator


The countdown to the music revolution is on!

In about a month the beatvyne social music marketplace will launch
and revolutionise how you discover new artists and experience live

Until then they bring you TADGH and THE MUSHBURGERS for a surf
/ Pulp Fiction theme event in Generator Hostel, Smithfield.
TADGH is an energetic, fun and diverse pop artist/band from Dublin,
with elements of funk, hip-hop, soul and R&B.
Formed in 2015, THE MUSHBURGERS sound harks back to the
California sound of the 60’s, single coil Fender guitars, big amps with
big valves and epic reverb.
Start off the evening early, just like Pumpkin and Honeybunny, with a
delicious burger from Generator’s diner style bar, chilling out with
Butch and Fabienne to a cult classic movie which will be screened in
Generator’s cinema.
Guess what’s in Vincent Vega’s briefcase and be in with a chance of
winning some cool prizes. Punch it out with the washed-up palooka
boxer Butch, dance your shoes off like Vincent and Mia in 1950’s
retro style, then drive into the sunset on Zed’s chopper.
May 13th. FREE in!
Get your ticket here:
Rehearse your lines and get into character. The best Tarantino
themed dress up will leave the scene with a full bag.
Movie screening