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Reel Art films Natan & Broken Song screening at Curzon Cinemas


Soho Screenings & Q&A

Curzon Cinemas is a leading arthouse cinema chain with six venues across the UK. Thanks to Curzon Cinemas, Reel Art in assocation with Filmbase and JDIFF present a special screening of Natan & Broken Song plus Q&A with filmmakers.
Reel Art is an Arts Council scheme designed to provide Irish film artists with a unique opportunity to make highly creative, imaginative and experimental documentaries on an artistic theme.

Bernard Natan could be described as one of the fathers of French cinema. How did he come to be completely forgotten, especially so in France? How is it that what little attention is paid to him centers on his alleged career as a pioneer and performer in early gay and BDSM porn? Why was Bernard Natan’s name erased from the history of cinema, despite the fact that he dominated the French film industry for much of the ’20s and ’30s?

This documentary aims to rewrite the history of European cinema. The man who brought sound cinema to France, who brought Cinemascope to the screen before the word existed, the French equivalent of Louis B. Mayer or Samuel Goldwyn, came to an end so tragic that it seems barely believable. Rumours and falsehoods have swarmed around his story for decades but the film finally brings the truth to light.

Broken Song asks whether art and artistic expression can allow us to look beyond the facts of someone’s past and see into their soul. GI, Costello and Willa Lee are street poets, hip-hop artists and songwriters from north Dublin. For these young men self-expression in the form of poetry, rap and song has become a spiritual experience. Their aim is simply to articulate the chaos that surrounds them and to fight it with their words and voices alone.

Along the way it has become their identity, their religion and, as they claim themselves, they are its high priests. In the end, the place where they live and their words are one and the same, constantly in flux, full of darkness and light. It is proof that these suburbs – that have bred darkness, murder and hate – have also inspired poetry and these unlikely artists are using words alone to fight back.

The screening and Q&A will take place in Soho, London. If you happen to be in London, do drop by and check it out.

Date: Saturday 1st February
Time: 2.45pm
Duration: 131 mins–qa-with-filmmakers/