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Please click the boxes below to see the answers to our frequently asked questions. Further information can also be requested from Filmbase by calling 01 679 6716, or emailing

How does project assessment work?

Filmbase will process and coordinate the assessment of all applications on behalf of the Arts Council and will communicate with all applicants directly. The process for assessment is detailed below and is intended to ensure that the making of awards is as fair and transparent as possible.

All fully-completed applications, correctly addressed and labeled and received at Filmbase by the closing deadline of 5pm Friday 13th October 2017 will be processed as follows:

  • Application will be acknowledged in writing
  • Adviser(s) will make assessments of each project
  • Adviser(s) will recommend projects to be considered for shortlist or not considered for shortlist
  • Panel including representatives from the Arts Council, Audi Dublin International Film Festival and an external peer reviewer will assess all applications, review recommendations and decide upon the final shortlist
  • All applicants will be notified in writing of the shortlist decisions. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview in Dublin in December 2017. The selection panel will include representatives from the Arts Council, Audi Dublin International Film Festival and an external peer assessor.
  • The interview panel will make final decisions on the shortlisted projects. Applicants will be contacted in writing to inform them of decisions.
  • Successful projects will receive an offer of finance subject to contract.

What is the nature of the funding?

The Arts Council is a non-equity investor in Reel Art and its grant may be used by the filmmaker as filmmaker/producer equity. The Arts Council will not have ownership of copyright in the project nor will it require Executive Producer credits. However, successful applicants must acknowledge the Arts Council’s support on screen and in all associated materials in accordance with the credit requirements which will be set out in final contracts.

The Arts Council has designated the Irish Film Archive of the Irish Film Institute as the place of deposit for copies of films made under the Reel Art scheme.

What happens if you receive an award?

A letter of offer will be sent to you detailing the amount of funding and the terms and conditions of the award. The award shall be subject to contract.

What happens if you do not receive an award?

You will be informed in writing if your application is not successful. It should be noted that the Reel Art funding award is a highly competitive process and that eligibility and compliance with the application procedures alone does not guarantee receipt of an award. Demand for funding always exceeds resources and funding decisions can only be made to those projects which most closely meet the purpose and priorities of the scheme in any given round.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the purpose and priorities of the scheme clearly before making applications as applications which do not clearly meet these criteria cannot be selected for the award.

In certain limited cases, if a project is assessed as being more suitable for an alternative Arts Council funding scheme, eg. Film Project Awards, the applicant will be informed of this and the applicant will then be eligible to submit a new application for that award.

Can I check that my idea is suitable before making an application?

Prospective applicants can request more information on any aspect of the scheme in advance from Filmbase. Filmbase will be able to provide general clarifications on all aspects of the award guidelines and criteria for eligibility. However Filmbase will not be able to comment directly on the eligibility of any individual project.

Are all filmmakers eligable to apply?

Applicants must have been born, or be resident in, the Republic of Ireland to be eligible for this scheme.

Can I use funding from another source for a Reel Art project?

No. It is integral to the scheme that film artists are offered the artistic and creative freedom to realise their visions free from editorial interference. A key aim of Reel Art is to complement, rather than replicate, the documentary and other funding programmes offered by the Arts Council, broadcasters and funding agencies in Ireland.

It is essential that projects are capable of being completed under the budget and timetable laid out in the Reel Art guidelines and should not be conditional upon funding from any other sources.

If I have been unsuccessful with an application in the past, can I re-submit it to Reel-Art?

No. If you have been unsuccessful with a project in previous rounds of Reel Art it is not possible to re-submit the same project.

How can I get more information on the award?

Prospective applicants for the award will be invited to attend an information session to be held at Filmbase. Representatives from the Arts Council, Audi Dublin Film Festival and Filmbase  will discuss the award and answer questions. The information session will be held at Filmbase on Tuesday 5th September from 3 – 4pm. Those interested in attending should register their interest by emailing Filmbase (

Information can also be requested directly from Filmbase.

Filmbase may be contacted by phone (01 679 6716) or email (

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