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RTÉ Dance on the Box 2010

Deep End Dance

Deep End Dance

(Please note that the application deadline for this scheme has passed)

The Arts Council and RTÉ calls on choreographers, producers, directors and composers to combine their talents to create innovative short dance films to be premiered on RTÉ Television during the Dublin Dance Festival 2010 (7 – 23 May).

RTÉ Dance on the Box challenges film and dance artists to create original work together for a television audience. This jointly-funded initiative by the Arts Council and RTÉ aims to bring the energy and imagination of contemporary dance in Ireland to the TV screen and to stimulate the production of dance films.

Up to four new short dance films will be commissioned. Their choreography and direction must be original, rather than adaptations of existing work. Each film should be between five and six minutes in duration and have a maximum budget of €22,000.

The Arts Council and RTÉ will look for projects which combine filmmakers and choreographers with a track record of quality and creativity in film/television production and dance, respectively. Priorities will also include the ability to address a peak-time television audience and to foreground artists resident in Ireland.

For more details about the scheme see below:


  • Monday 18th January 2010 – Information Session to be held at Dance House for choreographers, film directors and producers interested in learning more about the scheme. Please email Clare at Filmbase on for more info and to book a place.
  • Friday, 29th January 2010 – Deadline for receipt of applications (electronic applications only)
  • Wednesday, 3rd February 2010 – Announcement of shortlisted applications
  • Friday 5th, February 2010 – Interviews for shortlisted applications
  • Monday 8th February 2010 – Announcement of successful commissions
  • Tuesday 6th April 2010 – Delivery of commissioned films


Please note that applications for the scheme must be received in electronic format only by 5pm on Friday, 29th January 2010. Applications should be submitted by email to Clare Creely at with the Subject Line “RTÉ Dance on the Box 2010”.

Award Details

Assessment Criteria and Priorities:

  • Creative relationship between film and choreography
  • Foregrounds artists resident in Ireland
  • Ability to engage a peak-time TV audience
  • Track record of the creative team, particularly the choreographer, director and producer
  • Feasible to deliver within available funds and timeframe


  • A maximum of €22,000 per film

Application Process

The timing of the round is in order to facilitate the films being premièred on RTÉ television during the Dublin Dance Festival (7 – 23 May 2010). Delivery deadlines must be strictly met and projects which can not feasibly deliver in the time frame allowed will not be selected.

  • Applications will be assessed in one round by a panel comprising representatives of the Arts Council, RTÉ and one or two external assessors.
  • Only electronic format applications will be accepted. Where previous show reel or sample work is important to an application these should be made accessible through file-sharing websites (such as YouTube, Vimeo, MySpaceTV, Google Video, Daily Motion, etc.)
  • Ability to engage a peak-time TV audience
  • Shortlisted applicants must be available for interview on Friday 5th February 2010.
  • The administration of the scheme will be carried out by Filmbase, on behalf of the Arts Council and RTÉ.

Applications must include the following::

  • Completed application form
  • One paragraph synopsis
  • Treatment (maximum 4 x A4 pages)
  • Detailed budget
  • CVs of the creative team involved in the proposal
  • Director’s and choreographer’s show reel (if available)
  • Where appropriate, written confirmation of key participants’ availability to participate.
  • Written confirmation of availability of producer, director and choreographer to attend for interview on Friday 5th February 2010.

Contractual Requirements

Successful applicants will be subject to the Arts Council standard terms and conditions. The Arts Council award is in the form of a grant.

RTÉ Television will be granted a licence of 3 transmissions over 5 years (RTÉ to have a right of first negotiation and last matching right in respect of renewing such licence and also in respect of commissioning or licensing further programmes featuring the dance works or spin-offs of the dance works). RTÉ funding is subject to contract and to RTÉ television standard terms and conditions.

Successful applicants will be asked to sign one contract covering both the Arts Council and RTÉ terms and conditions. Neither the Arts Council nor RTÉ will have ownership of copyright in the project. Successful applicants must acknowledge the support of the financiers. All credit obligations will be set out in final contracts.

Please note the delivery date of Tuesday 6th April 2010 must be strictly adhered to.



Successful applicants will receive:

  • 60% of the approved budget on signature of contract
  • 20% on approval of rough-cut
  • 20% on delivery and acceptance by RTÉ and the Arts Council


Delivery to RTÉ
  • 2 digi-betas of the film to be delivered to RTÉ Television no later then Monday 5th April for broadcast
  • All chain of title information and documentation
  • Stills for publicity
  • 3 viewing DVDs
  • Full credits


Delivery to the Arts Council
  • A digi-beta copy of the finished film to be held at the Irish Film Archive at the IFI.
  • All chain of title or information held on behalf of the film maker documenting ownership to be held at the Irish Film Archive at the IFI.
  • 2 DVDs for viewing purposes.
  • Full credits

Application Process

Applications must be accompanied by an application form. This is available to download below.


Applications must be received no later than 5pm, on Friday, 29th January 2010.

Applications must be sent by email to Clare Creely at, with the subject line “RTÉ Dance on the Box 2010”.


Please read the above application guidelines before submitting an application for the award.

Applicants are welcome to download the application guidelines as outlined above.

If you have any queries or issues downloading the form or guidelines please feel free to email Clare at Filmbase on or phone 01 679 6716.