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Save the date for the launch of Dad’s Red Dress

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Dad’s Red Dress,novel by screenwriter, L.J.Sedgwick

15th March, 7pm at Filmbase

Think embarrassing families and you’re close; add cross-dressing, a teenage narrator and a kid sister who wants to be a nun and thinks she’s been abducted by the Virgin Mary. (Twice. Once on a motorbike in a pink afro).

Having just moved back to Ireland from California, Jessie is determined that nobody at school will find out about her dad’s cross-dressing. Not because she minds but because when they do, bullying inevitably follows and she wants to protect herself and Laura. Trouble is, she’s not really in control of what happens next and things are about to get a whole lot more complicated…
There’s a Trailer here, if you’d like a taste.

The official book launch of Dad’s Red Dress takes place in Filmbase on Wednesday, March 15th at 7pm. Join us for a glass of wine, some readings, lots of chatter and a room full of interesting people to celebrate the birth of the first novel by screenwriter and tutor L. J. Sedgwick.
Dad’s Red Dress is available in paperback and e-book on Amazon

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Cover design by Aoife Henkes

About the author

Currently Screenwriter-in-Residence at Maynooth University and Kildare Co. Council Library & Arts Service, Filmbase tutor L. J. SEDGWICK’s work spans genres and forms but she initially launched herself on the unsuspecting world as a journalist and playwright in the mid 80s. On the side, she was the worst waitress ever, an average dog walker in silly hats she frequently lost and even dressed as a Christmas tree to sell milk. The journalism was replaced by screenwriting for film and TV and now, finally, she’s a novelist. Along the way, she has gathered nine hours of TV, film and radio credits. She has written feature films, television drama and children’s series, short films, radio plays and game narrative. Her award-winning series, Punky has been recognised as the first mainstream cartoon series in the world in which the main character has special needs and is currently available in over 100 countries. Lindsay is also a prolific playwright whose work has been produced throughout Ireland and in the UK and whose writing has been described as ‘gripping,’ ‘gut-wrenching’ and ‘seductive’.