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Screening of Ireland’s Best Online Comedy Sketch Groups


The Windup Merchantz

Screening of Ireland’s Best Online Comedy Sketch Groups
in One 25 Minute Episode

Filmbase, Dublin 2 – November 12th 2016 – 16:15 – 17:15

The Windup Merchantz are collaborating with some of Ireland’s biggest online comedy sketch groups to bring audiences Sketchbook, one epic comedy episode with individual sketches from; Giz A Laugh, Al Foran, Jamie Jay & Darren Conway, GiddyUp Skits and Fupin Eejits.

Sketchbook will be an online comedy episode featuring Ireland best and most well known comedy sketch groups with over 400,000 followers on Facebook and YouTube between them. This is an opportunity for followers and new audiences to see and share their favorite comedy sketch groups all together in one episode. Sketchbook is to be released on November 14th 2016 and is sure to be an online success

The Windup Merchantz officially invites you to the screening of Sketchbook. You are welcome to bring a