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Scriptwriter Wanted for TV Pilot


Scriptwriter needed for new TV series, Kylemore

A scriptwriter is being sought to write a pilot episode for a new TV series. Kylemore will be set in the legendary Kylemore Abbey in Connemara, and will cover the period between 1930 and 1997 when the Abbey doubled as a boarding school.


The Premise

Combining the popularity of Downtown Abbey and Glee, each season would focus on a decade and its music. The tragic love story of the family who built the original castle and the escape of the nuns from Nazi Germany to found the school would be interwoven into the classes. Singing and dancing would be part of the curriculum, along with interaction with local trad sessions.

Students would be a mix of local and international providing story lines reflecting political events and culture worldwide.


A scriptwriter with relevant experience is needed to write a pilot episode. If you are interested please email Mary Douglass, Independent Production Consultant, at