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‘Shem The Penman Sings Again’


Scheduled for October 2014

Shem The Penman Sings Again is a new experimental feature film, funded through the Irish Film Board’s micro-budget scheme, and it provides a way into James Joyce’s creative imagination and the conception of Finnegans Wake. The film stars, amongst others, Hugh O’Conor as James Joyce and Louis Lovett as the great tenor John McCormack.

Shem The Penman Sings Again is directed by Padraig Trehy and produced by Rossa Mullin for Pooleen Productions and is written by Padraig Trehy and Peter McCarthy.
First published on May 4th 1939, Finnegans Wake celebrates its 75th anniversary next month. The Indiegogo campaign for Shem the Penman Sings Again launches Wednesday April 16th on RTE Radio 1′s Arena program (7-8pm) and then runs for a month.

More details can be found on the website