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Short Film – 7th Heaven


TITLE: 7th Heaven

Funded by:  Filmbase/ RTÉ Short Film Award scheme

Director:  Shimmy Marcus
Writer:  Shimmy Marcus
Producer:  Shimmy Marcus, Louis Marcus
Production Company:  Quick Pick Productions

Running Time:  9 mins
Year:  1999
Language:  English
Format:  16mm Colour

Key Cast:  Mick Nolan
DOP:  Robbie Ryan


7th Heaven is a quirky little tale that tells the sad yet comic story of Patrick Devit who returns home to watch the National Lottery Draw. He has the first five numbers drawn out when fate intervenes and the electricity in his flat cuts out. We follow him on his madcap adventure to see if he has won or not.

More Information:

-Best Short Film, New York Film Fleadh
-Runner-up Best British Short, Kino Festival
-Runner-up Best Short Film, Manhattan Short Film Festival