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Short Film – Monitor



TITLE: Monitor

Funded by: RTÉ Dance on the Box Scheme

Director: Luke McManus
Choreographer: Sascha Perfect, Katarin Mojzisova and Nick Bryson
Producer: Eadaoín Patton
Production Company:

Running Time: 6mins
Year: 2008
Language: English

Key Cast: Morgan Baker, Nick Bryson, Karl Cassells, Sascha Perfect, Ossian Smyth
DOP: Ruairi O’Brien


Monitor tells the story of four people, two young girls who take a trip to their local 24hr garage, an early morning commuter who is late for work and abandons his car on the M50, and a mysterious woman who has an emotional encounter with a bottle of perfume. These three stories are tied together by their presence on a wall of CCTV screens, which are being watched by Mr Adams & Mr Zuckerman, two security guards who dispassionately monitor the events that unfold throughout the day.