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Short Film Return to Roscoff


Another new short film on the IFB Media Hub

Every year, Irish filmmakers produce innovative, award-winning shorts under the IFB’s Frameworks, Signatures, Gearrscannáin and Reality Bites schemes. After the films have finished their festival screenings, we upload them to the Short Film Channel of our Media Hub for everyone to enjoy.

IFB are delighted to announce that a new selection of short films will be available to watch on the Short Film Channel in the coming weeks. So far, we added Frameworks short Blinky™; the multi-award winning Reality Bites short Blue Rinse; Crossing Salween, a Signatures short; Short Shorts films Flatbed, Loft, Headspace and As the Light Leaks In; and Collaboration Horizontale, a Reality Bites documentary short.

You will be able to watch in the Irish/French co-production Return to Roscoff. Directed by Ken Wardrop (His & Hers, The Herd) and produced by Andrew Freedman for Venom Films in collaboration with Requiem Films in France, this short drama follows Gayle, a single mother, who has been coming to terms with her life since suffering a brain injury. She has been left with an inability to produce language, and her relationship with her headstrong eight-year-old son has become increasingly difficult. This is the story of Gayle’s attempt to introduce her son to his father.

The film screened at festivals including Palm Springs ShortFest, JDIFF, the Belfast Film Festival and the Corona Cork Film Festival.