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Short Film – Sunshower



TITLE: Sunshower

Funded by: Filmbase/RTÉ Short Film Award scheme

Director: Liam Gavin
Writer: Liam Gavin
Producer: Maggie Mitchell

Production Company: Samson Films

Running Time: 13mins
Year: 2009
Language: English

Key Cast: Brendan Conroy, Jenn Murry
DOP: Kate McCullough


On her way home from a party, drunk and driving a stolen car, a girl (17) hits an old man walking by the side of the road. When he won’t wake up and the car won’t start, it seems all she can do is bury him.

More Information

Nominated for IFTA Best Short Film, 2010

-Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2009
-Cork International Film Festival, 2009
-Raindance Film Festival, 2009
-Festival du Court Metrage de Bruxelles , 2010
-Starz Denver Film Festival, 2010
-Dingle International Film Festival, 2010