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ShortSpace: November 2013

italian insitue of culture

Thursday 7th November 2013, 7pm

For this month’s Short Space, Filmbase are proud to present a double-bill screening of Samuel MacFadden’s The Gates of Dawn and Shelter from the Storm. Admission to the event is free and the short films will be followed by Q&A with the director. The evening is being presented by Filmbase in conjunction with the Italian Institute of Culture, Dublin.

Tickets are free but booking is required. To reserve your place please contact Lynn at, call us on 01 679 6716, or pop into Filmbase at Curved Street, Temple Bar.

The programme line-up includes:

The Gates of Dawn

Ireland | 2010 | HD Color | 25 min

gates of dawnDIRECTED BY: Samuel Mac Fadden • CAST: Karen Conneely, Aron Hegarty • SCREENPLAY: Samuel Mac Fadden • PHOTOGRAPHY: Luke Daly • EDITING: Paula Gallego • MUSIC: Eimear Noone • SOUND: Terry Dillon • PRODUCER: Conor Cuddy


Based on the legend of ‘Tristan and Isolde’, this short film is a dreamlike tale of the passionate and intense love between two young lovers linked and divided by destiny and a spellbound series of events. They have to fight a desperate rebellious battle against everything that tries to divide them: the rivalry and hate between their two countries, their duty and obligations of loyalty in contrast with the unbounded love they feel for each other. The wild and splendid landscapes of Connemara and the stunning scenery of the Aran Islands place our characters in a perfect environment and creates an emotional bind with the audience.


Shelter from the Storm

Ireland | 2010 | HD Color | 26 min

shelter from teh stormDIRECTED BY: Samuel Mac Fadden • CAST: Paul Curran, Jany Diogo • SCREENPLAY: Samuel Mac Fadden • PHOTOGRAPHY: Luke Daly • EDITING: Paul Malone • MUSIC: Eammon Noone • SOUND: Kyle Kroszner • PRODUCER: Odile Healy


In a setting of racial conflict and rival gang fights, a dream of love and redemption played out between a young Irish misfit and a beautiful African prostitute in a myste-rious, tough, and nocturnal Dublin. United through love, and separated by racial strife, they will attempt a useless flight from a city without pity that inexorably closes in on them. As in a metropolitan Romeo and Juliet, the story unfolds in a vertiginous struggle against time. Deathly wounded, the two lovers, in a fight between rival gangs will have brief intense last moments in which, embraced together, will dream about another world and another possible life. The film talks about, a part from the brief tragic love story between the two losers, also about the love for the city of Dublin showing in an emblematic way its streets and its buildings the faces of people making the city itself a character.


About the Director

Samuel MacFadden is an American–Italian film director raised in Italy. Grandson of the Hollywood film director Hamilton Mac Fadden, in 2009 he was graduated with a first class honours degree in “Literature ” from the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”.

He completed a Master’s in Film Direction at the Huston School of Film and Digital Media in Galway, Ireland.

In 2008 his first full length film “Al Termine della Notte”, a thriller, was presented at The RomeFilmFestival. In 2010 he directed “Andromache”, a short documentary about three young Gypsies and their relationship with the city of Dublin. Also in 2010 he directed “The Gates of Dawn”, based on the legend of Tristan and Isolde. In the same year he directed “Shelter from the Storm”, a “noir” shot in Dublin.

In 2012 he covered the “John Ford Symposium” at the Irish Film Institute, for the important Italian film magazine “Film-Critica”.

In 2013 he directed “Upwind” a noir-film set in the South of Italy.


2014: Upwind (completed)

2011: Shelter From the Storm (“CinemAvvenire Film Festival”. Rome, 2011- Visoni di Fata Morgana, Cosenza 2011)

2011: The Gates of Dawn (“Moda-Movie Film Festival– Best Picture award”: “Little Cinema Film Festival”, Galway, ”UCD Short Film Festival”, Dublin, “Visioni di Fata Morgana Film Festival”, Cosenza 2011).

2010: Andromache (“L’Altro CortoShort Film Festival”, Rome, 2010.)

2008: Al Termine della Notte (Roma Film Festival 2008)

2002: Il Cantico dei Cantici (“Azzurro Scipioni”, Roma, 2002)

2001: Antonio il Calzolaio (Premio Chaplin “Azzurro Scipioni”, Roma, 2002)