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StreetPR Seek Promotional Staff for Upcoming Dublin Campaigns

Are you the next undiscovered Liam Neeson or Roddy Doyle? Maybe you’re sat in a lecture thinking about that great student party this Wednesday night but have no money. Or maybe you are just tired of eating beans on toast and Pot Noodles! Well if that sounds like you, then don’t panic, StreetPR is at hand. We have hours to suit, on the days you want to work, not to mention some fantastic promotions for you to relieve the boredom of everyday life, all while earning money! What more could you want??

StreetPR has grown from its humble roots in clubs and student nights to staffing some of the biggest events Europe wide. We are all still young at heart, as is demonstrated with the childish humour and shenanigans that go on in our Head Office, and so we understand what it is our staff want from a job in the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

We give our staff opportunity to work at some of the most exclusive events, exhibitions, retails chains, restaurants and much more. Not only do you get all that, but here at StreetPR towers we love to look after our staff. From staff parties to Ace awards, Employee of the month awards to just popping in on a Friday to have a drink with us from our extensively stocked fridge, work really shouldn’t be this much fun!

If you are interested, and why wouldn’t you be, you now know where to come! Don’t delay, email

Love from the StreetPR team x