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Studies in Arts and Humanities launch

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Studies in Arts and Humanities (SAH Journal)

Please join us for the SAH Journal launch event: Thursday 18th June 2015, 6pm in Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Studies in Arts and Humanities aims to be allencompassing in terms of subject, contribution and readership in the field of arts and humanities. SAH Journal will facilitate a challenging yet accessible international intellectual platform in order to encourage a diverse range and lively mix of critical analysis and informed opinion. As an Open Access platform with academic content at its core, SAH Journal aims to reach out to a wider audience in a broader manner than more traditional academic publications.

SAH Journal is a project involving the collaborative efforts of emerging and established scholars as well as academic librarians. It is our belief that divisions between academic disciplines in the arts and humanities are becoming increasingly blurred. To this end we set out to forge a textual cartography that draws on a formidable range of disciplines within the arts and humanities.