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Filmbase 25: Stunt Action Class for Film & TV

The Stunt Actors Guild

11am, Saturday 25th June 2011

We were delighted to welcome the Stunt Actor’s Guild Ireland to lead a session on stunt action as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations! This session was a casual but informative case study approach into the workings of the Stunt Industry, being a Stunt performer/Co-Ordinator, pros and cons of film stunt action scenes, and what does and doesn’t work in choreographed fight displays. Areas explored included body burns, horse and vehicle skills, action underwater and Firearms and other weapons handling techniques. The subject of film Health and Safety was discussed and the session finished with the opportunity for the audience to ask questions. There were also clips and a showcase of Stunt equipment, weapon props and effects.

About the Stunt Actor’s Guild Ireland

The Stunt Actors Guild is a networking base for some of Ireland’s most highly trained Stunt Performers, co-ordinators, fight choreographers and 2nd unit directors. Membership comprises of stunt men and women who work on film, television, theatre and live Stunt shows. For more details check out their website at You can also check out their showreel here.