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CASTING CALL; Short Fantasy Film

IADT Graduate Film titled, “JASS”, shooting the week of the 26th of February.


Animals are being hunted out and killed by humans who fear they are becoming too intelligent and now pose a threat to mankind. Huebert, using the guise of an “ANIMALS OUT” officer, smuggles animals to safety. Huebert puts his life in danger when he finds a small fox cub, Jass, who is in need of rescuing.

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Casting Call: IADT graduation film “Skin”

Shauna an audacious teenage girl living on the North Side of Dublin. Who is forced to come to terms with the fact that she is pregnant. Lost and confused she is unsure of what decision she should make. Most of her time is split between caring for her ill mother Eileen, going to school and working in the local pub.

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Wide Eye Media

Job Opportunities

Wide Eye Media are looking for an experienced video producer to create and produce a video for us for promotional use.

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