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Merv Nickleman Beneath The Lyrics (short film)

Won best performance art short award Avalonia Festival.

Featuring Irish American international poet, writer and philosopher, Merv Nickleman. Intimate footage captured during his Bright Eyed Tour, Summer 2017 to Dublin, Ireland gives insights into his complex, eclectic and charismatic character. Merv reveals the inspiration for his world famous poem Bright Eyed In The Mornin’ from his new poetry book Ten Phenomenal Poems That Might Just Change Your Life.

Director: Aleksandra Dimoska
Writer & Producer: Vince Breheny
Duration: 5 minute

Avalonia Festival Winter 2017 live event will take place Saturday, December 9, 2017, 6pm to 10pm at Rhodywood Studios . Awards are currently beginning to take shape.

Avalonia Festival 2017

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