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‘Calvary’ & ‘The Last Days of Peter Bergmann’ join ‘Frank’ at Sundance 2014


Calvary and The Last Days of Peter Bergmannwill join feature Frank at the 2014 Sundance Festival.

Calvary, directed by John Michael McDonagh, is a blackly comic drama about a good priest tormented by his community. It is McDonagh’s follow-up to 2011’s The Guard and again stars Brendan Gleeson (Albert Nobbs, Studs), along with Chris O’Dowd (The Sapphires, Bridesmaids), Aidan Gillen (Mister John, Shadow Dancer), Dylan Moran (Good Vibrations, A Film with Me In It), Domhnall Gleeson (Sensation, Shadow Dancer) and Killian Scott (Good Vibrations, Black Ice). Calvary is produced by Octagon Films and was shot in Sligo and Dublin.

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