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The Far Side of Revenge

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Teya Sepinuck is the bomb disposal expert of troubled spirits. Her hybrid form of drama puts marginalised people at the core of a new type of performance in which they perform their own, often shocking, stories to the public. The documentary The Far Side of Revenge explores her engagement in 2010/11 with a group of Northern Irish women from backgrounds and histories so diverse that it would be impossible to imagine them sharing a space, let alone creating a public, cultural event together. Kathleen, whose husband was blown up by the IRA in 1990 along with five British soldiers, now performs on stage with Anne, a former quartermaster in the IRA whose uncle was killed by the British Army on Bloody Sunday in 1972.

Under Teya’s guidance six cast members allow themselves to reveal the deep emotions that can be explored only now in post-conflict Northern Ireland. Her revolutionary ‘Theatre of Witness’ is an adventure in human relations that surprises even the performers of this most unusual form of public expression. Filmmaker Margo Harkin delivers a penetrating insight into a process of creation where the pain of individual stories is counterbalanced by the joyful bond that deepens between the women over a nine-month period.

Producer/Director: Margo Harkin

This project premiered at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, February 2012.