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The IndieCork Festival

download-1The IndieCork Festival of Independent Film and Music wrapped on the evening of Sunday 11th October 2015. Awards were made to selected short films, features and a new IndieMusic Discovery award for performers in the enhanced music programme this year. Festival organisers were particularly pleased with the third festival.

Mick Hannigan, Festival Co-Director said: ‘We feel that IndieCork has really hit it’s stride in this our third festival. Essentially this is an independent film and music festival, and this is the work we are aiming to support. We thank all our collaborators, our loyal audiences, and the many visiting artists to flocked to IndieCork this year’.

Tony Langlois said: “Eileen Hogan my co-programmer and I are happy to introduce a new award for emerging and innovative music at IndieCork. This year’s festival saw an expansion to eight nights of festival music and new acts – audiences were very supportive and we look forward to bringing new music to the festival in 2016’.

Úna Feely, Festival Co-Director commented: “IndieCork 2015 has seen us develop quickly into a film and music festival truly championing independent work and rooted in collaboration. As a collective, this is what we are most interested in. Many thanks to our venues, and our sponsor Rising Sons Brewery for their belief in this festival’.

2015 IndieCork Awards
Best International Short Film
Greta, an elderly woman, loses her husband and life looks set to ebb away slowly. The director has crafted a moving film about grief and the ways the heart finds to survive. Her lead actress gives an impressive performance. The IndieCork Best International Short Film Award goes to ‘Goodnight Birdy’ by Maria Moller Kjeldgaard (Denmark)

Best Irish Short Film
For the heartbreaking honesty of his depiction of a loving yet despairing mother we award the Best Irish Short award to supremely talented director, Damien O’Donnell, for How Was Your Day? With another powerful performance by Eileen Walsh.

Best Indie Feature
This film tells us the story of a fragile young woman in rural France, an anonymous restaurant worker, someone we pass by every day without noticing. The director has perfectly crafted her story with an eloquence and economy that makes us hear every delicate sound and nuance. Frédéric Pelle has created a portrait of a place and a person that resonates deeply, that expels the unnecessary. We award Best Indie Feature to ‘Song of the Blackbird’ by Frédéric Pelle for many reasons, including our admiration for it’s “cinema of modesty”.

Creative Cork Award
For combining the physical dance in the film with the imaginative dance of the director’s eye and ear and with his craft as a filmmaker, we award the Creative Cork Best Shortfilm Award to Felicidad/Happiness directed by Seán Breathnach.

Ronan Phelan Euroconnection Script and Pitch award
‘My Friend Jess’ by Leticia Agudo
This winning pitch will be IndieCork’s nomination to Euroconnection co-production forum at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival in February 2016.

Spirit of IndieCork Award
Alan Lambert is an inspiring figure for anyone making independent films in Ireland. For the body of his work to-date and especially for the inventive beauty of his feature film Pushtar, we’re delighted to present Alan Lambert with the IndieCork ‘Spirit Of The Festival’ award.

IndieCork Music Award
The inaugural winner, Crevice, are outstanding musicians and so deserving of this inaugural award’. The group have a unique atmospheric sound, combining experimental textures and rhythms in a way that is both accessible and captivating. The award is made in the belief that Crevice, who are Roslyn Steer, Irene Buckley and Elaine Howley, will be a significant voice in Irish music in the near future.

O’Bhéal Poetry Film Award
‘In The Circus of You’ directed by Cheryl Gross, based on the poems of Nicelle Davis.
Here is a poetry film where the aesthetic accomplishment and craftsmanship of the cinematography and the poetry are equal. Gross’s animation remains faithful to Davis’s text while not compromising it’s own ambition. Gross has demonstrated great taste and discernment in investing her talent as a cinematographer in poems which demand your attention with captivating subject matter and their language as a musical medium.