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The Night-Nurse

The Night-Nurse_news

Short Film

Every year, Irish filmmakers produce innovative, award-winning shorts under the IFB’s Frameworks, Signatures, Gearrscannáin and Reality Bites schemes. After the films have finished their festival screenings, we upload them to the Short Film Channel of our Media Hub.

Watch in full the Short Short The Night Nurse. Produced by Ian W Davis and Garry Kelly, and written and directed by Terence White, this thriller screened at numerous festivals around the world over the past few years, including the Irish Film Festival Boston and Capital Irish Film Festival in the U.S., Corti Da Sogni in Italy, and the Short Shorts Film Festival in Japan. Read more about the film at DIG Productions’ website.

Over the past few weeks we have also added: the Frameworks short Blinky™; the multi-award winning Reality Bites short Blue Rinse; Crossing Salween, a Signatures short; Short Shorts films Flatbed, Loft, Headspace, The Parting and As the Light Leaks In; Collaboration Horizontale, a Reality Bites documentary short; and Return to Roscoff, an Irish/French co-production.