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The Psychedelic Society of Ireland


Thursday 26th March, 6:30pm

The Psychedelic Society of Ireland are hosting a seminar with Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris with the aim to encourage a wider public understanding of the medical benefits and responsible use of psychedelic substances and speak about the work he is currently undertaking in the UK.

This year, Dr. Carhart-Harris is legally administering doses of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) to human volunteers, the first time since the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971, in order to treat mental illness and addiction.

The subject of using psychedelic substances for therapeutic purposes is growing rapidly in the last few months, particularly with the media attention given to Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris surrounding his studies in the UK. There have been numerous studies released claiming that psychedelic therapy can be used to treat people with depression, PSTD, OCD, heroin addiction, Parkinson’s disease and people with mental difficulties facing terminal illnesses.

The Psychedelic Society aim to teach the public about the safe and responsible ways to use psychedelic substances so that they are not at risk.

Now is the time to achieve a wider public understanding of these substances, how they should be used and the medical benefits they hold. In other to achieve this, the topic needs to be made mainstream. This informative event will be the first of many in Ireland with the hope of achieving a wider understanding of the medical benefits and safe use of psychedelic substances.

Tickets are €5 euro and the money raised will go towards the costs of the launch event. Any profits made will go towards future Psychedelic Society of Ireland events.

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This is the first time an informative event on this topic will be held in Ireland and the organisation hope to reach as many people as possible in order to change the perspectives on psychedelic substances.

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<strong>Please note:</strong> The Society does not engage in illegal activities during any of its events.