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‘The Queen of Ireland’ Now Available on DVD

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‘The Queen of Ireland,’ a documentary which explores the life of Rory O’Neill, AKA Panti Bliss, is now available on DVD.

The Queen of Ireland opened in cinemas in October and secured the largest-ever opening for an Irish documentary. It is also the third-highest opening for any documentary at the Irish box office, behind only Farenheit 9/11in 2004 and Amy in 2015.

Created by Rory O’Neill, Panti is a drag queen, an accidental activist and in her own words ‘a court jester, whose role is to say the un- sayable’. Over the last few years Rory has become a figurehead for LGBT rights in Ireland and since the recent scandal around Pantigate, his fight for equality and against homophobia has become recognised across the world.

The Queen of Ireland is a documentary film that follows Rory’s journey from the small Mayo town of Ballinrobe to striding the world stage. The fillm takes us behind the scenes with his alter ego Panti in the year she became the symbol of Ireland’s march towards marriage equality. Directed by Conor Horgan (One Hundred Mornings, Deep End Dance) and produced by Katie Holly and Ailish Bracken for Blinder Films (Citadel, One Hundred Mornings) the film builds up a multi-faceted picture of a complex and compelling character through behind the scenes footage and interviews with friends, peers and protégés.