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The Scattered Patterns Of Past Addictions


Pay BECTU rates

The Scattered Patterns Of Past Addictions; Romance, Recovery and Re-acclimatisation, is a short film comedy shooting in Dublin this autumn. There’s no schedule date yet, but it’s an overnight shoot at a location in the centre of the city.

Being a no-to-low-budget production, you’ll be offered deferred payments at BECTU rates if the production covers costs and go’s into profit.

The following crew are needed;
2 x production assistants
1 x production runner
1 x unit driver

1 x on location producer
1 x location manager
1 x 1st assistant director
1 x 2nd assistant director
1 x 3rd assistant director
2 x DOP assistants
1 x camera assistant/focus puller
1 x make-up person
1 x wardrobe person
1 x continuinity/script supervisor
2 x security personnel
1 location runner

Your travelling expenses will be covered, you’ll get coffee and tea and a sandwich on the shoot and will sign a contract offering you the deferred payment. You’ll also be invited to the cast and crew screening and receive a DVD with you credited.

Glitch Films are aiming for a JDIFF world premier, then Cannes, Venice, Clermont Ferrand and possibly London Sundance, US Sundance and Tribeca festivals .

It will be the directors first film as a director.

Please send emails headed SCA PA CREW, include your CV, full contact details and a monochrome photograph of yourself (if you also want to be considered as an extra) replies with a schedule once the location has been confirmed.

Please find the Facebook project page URL;