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ThereisBear theatre company will host auditions this December for the role of Othello


Casting Notice

ThereisBear! Theatre, is a Galway based theatre company who will be hosting auditions this December for the role of Othello (early – mid twenties). The production is due to be performed in March in Galway, Innishbofin and possibly more.

The play will be directed by Hannah O’Reilly, who has already acted, built sets, produced and managed and directed a national tour with the company. “This production will be a profit share, as we are yet a budding amateur company. We are a high intensity, energetic ensemble theatre company, with use of music, singing, and all things weird to get our plays to the audience”.

Auditions will be held in Galway, in NUIG within the first week of December, at a time that can be arrange between auditionees and the director. Rehearsals will begin in January in Galway, and can be scheduled for any actors under tricky timetables.

The play will be slightly music based with very simple staging, giving everything to the text, the relationships of the characters and the atmosphere of the play. Your creative input will be cherished and put to good use, so the group will have an equal creative experience.

Any and every ethnic looking actor is welcome to apply.

Othello is Shakespeare’s fantastic play about mistrust, jealousy, politics and race. Iago, in blind hatred of the Moor Othello, seeks to ruin his relationship with his new bride Desdemona, to destroy his stature, and break down his very mind. In executing Iago’s elaborate plans, Othello, head of the army is reduced to uncertainty, psychological manipulation by his adviser and brought to the limit!

If you are interested in auditioning, please put Othello as your subject in your email, and send on a photo with your letter to