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Tim Robinson Connemara

RA 3

Quite simply one of the most beautiful Irish films ever made, Pat Collin’s masterful film of the work of cartographer Tim Robinson is one of the highlights of the festival.

Robinson, who has been extensively mapping and studying Connemara for the last thirty years, has reached international recognition through publications such as Listening to the Wind, The Last Pool of Darkness and his forthcoming A Little Gaelic Kingdom.

Tim Robinson: Connemara is a sixty minute film based on the three Connemara books and is a visual interpretation of his work as a map-maker and writer. It’s an atmospheric exploration of landscape, history and mythology – an intersection between writing, film-making and the natural world.

Novelist and commentator Joseph O’Connor has called Robinson ‘One of contemporary Ireland’s finest literary stylists, a Cambridge-trained mathematician, he writes a prose of McGahernesque poise and clarity. But it is the acuteness of his perceptions that extends the ambition of his work. It casts a wide net, makes startling connections; there is a restlessness to the underlying intelligence, which makes the writing attractively daring.’

One of Ireland’s finest filmmakers, Pat Collins’ portrait matches his subject’s eloquence with stunning images and insight – Tim Robinson: Connemara is quite simply a joy to experience.

Gráinne Humphreys
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Director: Pat Collins
Producers: Pat Collins, Sharon Whooley