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Underdog Theatre Company announce auditions for Shakespeare’s classic play King Lear


Casting Notice

Underdog Theatre Company announce auditions for their new profitshare show, Caitiff- a sharp and dramatic response to Shakespeare’s classic play King Lear.

The show will be running from the 3rd to the 9th of February in the Mart- a new venue in the heart of Rathmines. They’re looking for two actors to play the leads, Edgar and Edmund, details below.

Edgar- 18-25, Male. Edgar’s been traumatised by the events of King Lear, and finds himself betrayed and alone at the start of the play. He’s an immensely physical part, requiring an actor who can convey a lot with a limited physicality.

Edmund- 18-25, Male. Edgar’s half-brother has been haunting him for the past three months- and neither of them is happy about the situation. Where Edgar’s a physical character, Edmund is a verbal one- we’re looking for someone with a passion for language and a strong voice.

Auditions will take place in the Fringe Lab on Sunday the 8th December. Applicants can send their CV to