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Write Your Feature Film

CU 315th March – 3rd May, 8 Thurs Eves

€260 Members / €295 Non-Members

Are you looking to develop an idea into a full length feature? This in-depth 8-week course will give you the tools to write that script, putting special emphasis on creating a project that is low-budget and manageable to film. Perfect for screenwriters or directors looking to create their first project.


This course aims to get your screenplay or idea into shape with special focus for it to function as a no or low budget production. In addition to reviewing the essential elements of all screen writing this course will focus on areas of screenwriting within your control as a writer that cost little or no money.

This 8-week training programme is ideal for students actively working on, or exploring, feature film scriptwriting. Students are invited to bring along their pitches for scripts to receive feedback.

Course Content

  • The dramatic unities of time, place and action within the context of a low budget.
  • Telling a story to satisfy the target audience.
  • Honing the concept to work as a no/low budget feature film.
  • Using the realities of casting on a low budget to inform your character choices and how they are written. Focus on characterization and dialogue.
  • Managing the second act. Ensuring that the scenes that are at the core of your story will work well without a budget.
  • Considering locations, time-frame, continuity, special effects on the page before production. Developing the idea to make it work better, rewriting to reduce the budget and exploiting the possibilities of no/low budget.


Tutor: Eilish Kent

Eilish has 20 years experience working in story development, during which time she has brought many first time writers to the big & small screen. She acquired Irish feature films for RTÉ including Once, Swan Song and Adam and Paul. Low budget features Eilish story consulted on include Irish movies Hardy Bucks The Movie and Spin The Bottle.



  • 15th March – 3rd May, 8 Thurs Eves

Class times:

  • 7 – 10pm


  • €260 Members / €295 Non-Members
  • €100 Deposit


  • Filmbase, Temple Bar, Curved street

To book your place, contact Filmbase Reception on 01 679 6716 and dial 0. For more information, email our Training Department at Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking a course.